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Scuba Diving is a State of Being

It’s been said that scuba diving is more than just a sport or recreation. It’s a state of being – and a state of becoming. Being divers makes us different. It makes us special. As divers, we see and do things few can even imagine (and fewer still experience). We discover the true nature of Planet Earth – the Water Planet – and how critical this precious resource is to our survival.

Learn to dive with real-world diving procedures

The way people dive and the equipment they used has changed dramatically over the past 25 years. Unfortunately, the way most people learn to dive has not. For us, the fact “it’s always been done this way” just isn’t good enough. So we developed a way you can learn to dive that reflects real-world technology and real-world diving procedures. The result? Diving courses that are more effective and more enjoyable.

For details on all Sport Diving and Technical Diving courses and to find SDI/TDI Facilities and Instructors near you, visit the SDI-TDI website:





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