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Ti2 Octo


Diving with a truly HIGH-PERFORMANCE OCTO as a Safe Second is a truly elite option. The Atomic Aquatics Ti2 OCTO gives you all-Titanium components and engineering for light weight, natural breathing and the ultimate corrosion resistance. The non-swivel Ti2 OCTO is the closest thing to having a redundant T3 as your Safe Second.

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Even though your Safe Second may be rarely used, be sure it performs perfectly when you need it. The Ti2 OCTO performs identically to Atomic Aquatics all-Titanium primary second stages. Components are precision-machined from solid Titanium billet. The light weight of Titanium makes the Ti2 OCTO much less bulky as a Safe Second and much easier for traveling. The corrosion resistance of Titanium means less servicing and more readiness to perform in a crucial situation.


Atomic Aquatics designers took the DNA of our primary second stages and engineered it into our family of OCTO Safe Seconds for nearly identical breathing performance, reliability, and corrosion-resistance. The patented Atomic Aquatics AFC Automatic Flow Control and Titanium Seat Saving Dynamic Orifice make Atomic Aquatics OCTOs perform just like a primary. They just look different in OCTO Neon Yellow with extra-long 36” hoses.


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