Surface Marker Buoy


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IST Proline Diving Equipment



.Reusable safety sausage with a unique two-layer design: the outer layer is made of tough nylon with water-resistant PU coating, which protects the inner bladder.

.The taped edge prevents the outer layer from fraying.

.The inflate underwater, simply use an octopus to release air into the balloon’s opening, and the air cell’s special enclosure will automatically trap all incoming gas. The SB-5 has counterweights to help it staying upright.

.The sturdy storage pouch has a mesh bottom for quick drainage. It can be carried on any 2” webbing or clipped onto a d-ring. Automatic valve releases excess pressure to prevent SB-5 from bursting.

.Size: 154cm x 18cm (60″ x 7″)



IST Proline Diving Equipment