B86 Battery Pack for D860

Having spare batteries to run your dive light has some major advantages. If you are planning to go on a live-aboard dive trip they are a must. Keep your torch lit with freshly charged spare batteries and experience no down time between dive, because yo

Price: £162.95 inc vat

Product Description

* Allows Quick Turn Around Between Dives
* Great for Live-Aboard Dive Trips
* Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item
* Battery pack 7.4V 50.3Wh (4*18650)
* Specifically Designed for Orca Torch D860 dive light
* Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Design
* Charge Time, 3.5-Hours
* 1-Hour High Setting of 4200 Lumens, 4.5-Hours Middle Setting of 1500 Lumens
14-Hours of at Low Setting of 500 Lumens

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